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It’s Monday. No Big Whoop!

22 Oct



No fancy bento today. Just a little something to tell the Munchkin how much I love and think about her.

16 Oct



This morning was a continuation of last night, and this woman ain’t happy.  Seriously, who wakes up and wants to put a shot of vodka in there coffee just to take the edge off of being awake for ten minutes?  (I know alcoholics do this, but I’m talking semi-normal people here.)  So the Hubs gets up for work.  As usual ignores the Pup’s needs and gets ready.  Usually this is not a problem, but since the Pup has decided that she wants to piss in my Munchkin’s room every time she gets a chance, we all have to take responsibility in watching her dumb ass.  Well, at least that is what I thought.  Maybe next time instead of himming and hawwing while cleaning up more dog piss I should just start shoving the Fams nose in it.

So last night, the Munchkin told me that the Pup peed in her room, but “not to worry Mommy, I sugared it.”  Umm… what?!  So I kind of taught Munchkin that if the Pup pees to clean it up and sprinkle the baking soda powder on it to get it all the way out, let it sit and vacuum.  Well she forgot the clean up piss part and went straight to dumping baking soda pet cleaner on it part.  Awesome!

So as I clean that mess, I find not one, but TWO more spots that the Pup decided to piss.  It was so bad I had to use my patented vinegar, peroxide and water mix on the rug to clean it all up.  Not a happy camper!  Just saying.  I have to get all of this cleaned up, I need a shower since I’ve either walked, crawled or sat in dog piss at some point during clean up, and the Munchkin has to get in bed for school.  It would have been nice for the Hubs to get up and help, but I gave him a pass since he cooked dinner.  Looking at it now, he got the better deal for sure.

So all that cleaned, Pup put outside before I go crazy on her, and me getting my well needed shower- the house was calming down and every one happy.

So this morning before a 6:30 in the mother effing morning, the Pup does it all over again.  I swear she hates me!


Good Morning!

15 Oct

Today is massive amounts of coffee day.  My wonderful little munchkin decided that today would start at 4:50AM!  That’s right!  I have a rise and shine kind of kid.  I’m telling you that this is karma’s way of kicking my ass for something.  So I was ever so lovingly woken up about every 10-20 minutes to be given hugs, to be talked to, and to be presented a bracelet made just for me.  (Reminder: there is a beaded bracelet lurking somewhere in my bed.  Find it!)  Until my alarm went off at 6AM, like that bastard does every morning.  Although this is all wonderful, I know without a doubt I’m going to be in a battle-to-the-bedtime from the time the bus arrives home this afternoon.

To top my morning off I was greeted by a now dead spider.  That little shit decided to use my leg to climb on this morning. Why would he do that?  I’m in no mood for him, so I promptly ended his life with a shoe.  Now off to go drink more coffee.