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Made With Love

19 Feb

Made With Love

DIY- Super Cute Owl Hat

10 Nov

Hello there!  So I made this super cute hat for my goddaughter as seen in this post modeled by the munchkin.

Because I’m so super awesome, I’m going to share my made up pattern with you guys!  🙂 It’s super easy (the way I like it) and you can bust these babies out in time for the Holidays.  Hurray!  This hat should fit a 5-7 year old.  Sizing for toddler and baby will be in parentheses.

Here we go!

You will need:

A 5.5mm crochet hook

A 9mm crochet hook

Tapestry Needle


And a yarn marker.  You can use anything that works for you as a yarn marker.  I like to use bobby pins.

Worst weight yarn in any colors that you desire.  I used mostly Red Heart Super Saver and mixed in some of my random yarn scraps to add color.

Owl Body (Hat)

Chain 65 (58, 51) and connect with the first stitch.  Make sure not to twist your chain.

Chain two and now half double crochet (hdc) in all the stitches for 65 (58, 51)

Place your yarn marker in your last hdc and continue on crocheting in the round until your hat is at it’s desired length.

Change out the colors as you like to give your hat more color and character.

When you get your hat to it’s desired length, flatten and single crochet across the top to close.

Tie off and weave in ends


You will use this pattern for the white and colored centers*

Make a magic loop (or chain two)

Chain two and then make 9 hdc in the magic loop (Insert hook in the second crochet and make 9 hdc)

Now use a slip stitch to connect the last crochet with the first.

Chain two (this will count as your first hdc) and hdc in the same stitch.  Now go around and put 2 hdc in each stitch for a total of 18 stitches.  Slip stitch the first stitch to the last.

*(This is where you stop for the colored part and go around one more time making a single crochet into each stitch.  When you’re done tie of and weave in ends)

Chain 2 and go to the next stitch and make 2 hdc, next stitch 1 hdc, the next stitch 2 hdc.  Do this all the way around for a total of 27 stitches.  Slip stitch the first stitch to the last.

If this is the size you like you can stop here.  If you want bigger follow this pattern:

Chain 2 and go to the next two stitches and make  2 hdc, next stitch 1 hdc, the next two stitches then 2 hdc.  Do this all the way around for a total of 36 stitches.  Slip stitch the first stitch to the last.

And so on until you reach the diameter that you like.


Chain two

Make 2 hdc in the second stitch

Chain 2, hdc in the same stitch,  hdc*, turn

Chain 2, hdc*, 2 hdc*, hdc, turn,

Chain 2,  hdc*, 2 hdc*, 2 hdc* , hdc, turn

Chain 2, hdc*, hdc*, 2 hdc*,  2 hdc*, hdc, hdc, turn

Chain 2 make a hdc into each stitch going across until you reach desired length.

When you reach your desired length, make a single crochet into each stitch going around your beak to give it definition.

* in the next stitch


Take 9 strand of yarn about 8 inches long and using a 9mm hook pull them through one stitch in the corner of your hat and using your 9mm hook pull them through the stitch on the other side of the corner.  Make strands equal lengths and knot it at the base of the strands at the corner of the hat.  Cut the strands to desired length.

Now use your tapestry needle and sew on all the pieces that you have made and make your kick ass owl hat come to life.

Happy Hooking!!

Rainbow of Cuteness

8 Nov


This is the hearts from my world famous “I Heart You” bouquet.  They’re just chilling waiting to be stemmed. I just love these little guys!

Owl Hat

8 Nov






This is the oh so cute owl hat that I made my goddaughter.  I can’t wait to see her in a week!  My munchkin was not happy that it was not made for her.  Oh well…



DIY- Crochet Fortune Cookie

7 Nov




Ok, so I was thinking about quirky little stocking stuffer/holiday gifts to give out, well… just because.  So I saw a picture of fortune cookies and I “googled’ the shit out of crochet fortune cookies.  All I saw were photos.  Some great, some not so great.  I had to have a pattern, so I was thinking I’m pretty fucking cleaver, so I made a pattern.  My honest to glob real crochet pattern by moi.

Here goes:

sl- slip stitch

sc- single crochet

Use any yarn that your little heart desires.  I used some Red Heart worst weight in beige and white for the tag.

I used a size 5mm crochet hook, but with this project you can use any size of anything.  I love this already!!

Finally a yarn marker: old piece of yarn, bobby pin, safety pin… what ever suits your fancy.


This is worked in a continuous round

Step 1: Make a Magic Loop (I love this technique)

If you don’t know or don’t like the Magic Loop crochet three

Step2: In your Magic Loop (or second crochet) make 8 single crochet (sc)

Step 3: Make 2 sc in every crochet in the round and mark your end with your yarn marker (16 stitches)

Step 4: sc in first crochet, 2 sc in next crochet, like this all the way around (24 stitches)

Step 5: sc in the first 2 crochets, 2sc in the third crochet, like this all the way around (32 stitches)

Step 6: sc in the first 3 crochets, 2sc in the fourth crochet, like this all the way around (40 stitches)

Step 7: sc in the first 4 crochets, 2sc in the fifth crochet, like this all the way around (48 stitches)

Step 8: sc in the first 5 crochets, 2sc in the sixth crochet, like this all the way around (56 stitches)

Now fold your circle in half and sc three fourths of the way shut.  Now put in some stuffing.  I mean puff that bad boy up!

Onto the “fortune”:

Using whit yarn, chain 12 stitches

Now in the second crochet of your chain sc all the way across.  Crochet across again until you get the desired width of your “fortune”

Sew the fortune to the inside of your cookie and continue to sc the cookie shut.  When finished weave in the ends and decorate the “fortune” to your heart’s content.  I’m going to embroider witty shit onto mine and give them out to my awesome friends.



Super Chunky Puff Stitch Wrap/Scarf

5 Nov


I’ve been one crafty bitch getting ready for the Holidays.  Especially since we’re going to be moving overseas right smack dab in the middle of December.

So here is the big chunky scarf/wrap that I made my friend for Christmas


It’s about 6 feet long! And of course I used my new lens to take the photos. 🙂

The little heart embellishment that I added because it’s made with love.

I will be posting a tutorial/pattern that I made up for this warm and cozy winter awesomeness.

DIY- Crochet Mini Mouse Ears

30 Oct

This is a great last minute costume idea.  These cute ears took me about 30-45 minutes, and that was only because I would stop to chat with the munchkin.

I got the pattern from All About Ami. Her crochet creations are incredible!  I did do some modifications (as I always do).  The mods that I did were these:

  • For munchkin size ears I did only 24 stitches in the last round
  • I crocheted the two ear pieces together verses sewing them
  • I made 6 rows of stitches for the bow (I think it was because of the yarn I used)

Happy Hooking!