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Super Chunky Puff Stitch Wrap/Scarf

5 Nov


I’ve been one crafty bitch getting ready for the Holidays.  Especially since we’re going to be moving overseas right smack dab in the middle of December.

So here is the big chunky scarf/wrap that I made my friend for Christmas


It’s about 6 feet long! And of course I used my new lens to take the photos. 🙂

The little heart embellishment that I added because it’s made with love.

I will be posting a tutorial/pattern that I made up for this warm and cozy winter awesomeness.

DIY- Crochet Mini Mouse Ears

30 Oct

This is a great last minute costume idea.  These cute ears took me about 30-45 minutes, and that was only because I would stop to chat with the munchkin.

I got the pattern from All About Ami. Her crochet creations are incredible!  I did do some modifications (as I always do).  The mods that I did were these:

  • For munchkin size ears I did only 24 stitches in the last round
  • I crocheted the two ear pieces together verses sewing them
  • I made 6 rows of stitches for the bow (I think it was because of the yarn I used)

Happy Hooking!

It’s Finished!!

28 Oct

About damn time this thing took me all week.  Piece by loving piece I built this awesomeness for the Hubs for Halloween.

DIY- Side Tie Wool Hat

27 Oct

I saw this tie on the side hat on a blog somewhere and couldn’t find a pattern any where. I had to have it, so I used the Raveley pattern linked below and used a half double crochet stitch to make the brim. I made the tie about 15 stitches each side. Adjust to your taste.


These pictures are super shitty, it was 10 at night when I took these.  Better photos coming… Promise!


Happy Hookin’!

DIY- Jute Doily Rug

12 Oct


Large crochet jute doily rug.  I altered a doily pattern that I found on, and I used bailing twine (jute) and a 10mm crochet hook.  This rug is about 24” in diameter.  This is perfect for outside.  The only draw back to this rustic rug was it tore up my fingers, due to the rough raw jute.  Be careful and have lots of hand lotion near by.  You’ll need it.  Happy hooking!