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30 Oct


Lazy Day Sunday!

28 Oct


Some days I think coffee is the only one that understands me.  🙂

26 Oct
“I’m having a relaxing night of pairing my food and wine.” Sounds a hell of a lot better than, I’m standing in my kitchen in my PJ’s eating left overs and drinking a bottle of wine. At least the wine isn’t from a box.

Don’t forget to buy local!

Morning Awesomeness

19 Oct


My favorite place to run to is dark and sad this morning. 😦  No worries. It just means 1.5 down. 2-3 more to go.


See!  Rocking it out this morning!!

Kicking ass and taking names on my run this morning…. and wouldn’t you believe it,  I smell pot.  Not just like “I know what that is.”  No like I ran through a cloud of that shit. Not even 100 yards later I ran through another offensive cloud.  I’m thinking “Y’all need to knock that off.  I’m going to get a contact high.”

Run complete I’m doing my happy dance/walk home, and smacked by the Weed Fairy again. Don’t get me wrong I don’t care if you do it, but DAMN!  Was it National Smoke Up day?  And why didn’t anyone tell me?

This is what a lady dances home to.  Have a great weekend!!

It’s Friday!!

19 Oct