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Best Answer EVER!

23 Oct

So the Hubs and I were actually having this conversation.  Yes, this is an important piece of information for us.  So of course, we turn to the all knowing Facebook for answers.  Leave it to an old friend to pull this out of his ass and have us laughing until we cried.  Enjoy in our craziness.

I’m totally down with taking your answers as well.

Q&A Time Continued!

12 Oct

Question: I’ve got a question, do you make your own designs or are most if them learned from somewhere else? If you learned them, how or where?

Answer:First off, I’m self taught, so no special classes for paper folding. Although I do teach classes. If you’re talking about the flowers themselves, I have designed several, but I also find diagrams and origami tutorials around the internet. I have spent literally HOURS on the Google machine looking, researching and comparing real flowers, paintings of flowers, paper flowers of all sorts, etc. to come up with ideas for my own art. I just play with paper a lot!

Here are my favorite sites for beginners:

Q&A Time!

12 Oct

Question: “Where do you get your papers from? I live in rural Australia and apart from printer paper, there is nothing in the way of beautiful papers.  So I have been looking on the internet but traditional origami papers are most often too thin and too small! Or the only other type of paper I can find is scrapbooking paper – and its thickness is very variable!”

Answer:  This is a good question, since I get papers from everywhere.  I would recommend going to your local office supply store.  I get tons of paper from there.  When I look at paper I look at it’s potential to become something else.  It all depends on what I’m making that determines what paper I will use.   I try not use anything over 76 lb. weight.  That’s about the weight of construction paper.

Back to the question here are a couple links to places on the interwebs that I get my papers from that also ship internally.

Question: “What size papers and weight papers do you work with most often?  It is difficult to gauge the size of some of your flowers – but then when I saw your market stall photo on FB, I realised many of your flowers are enormous!!  Is this always the case? Or were these just special ones for the stall? I don’t think I have seen paper that large! ”

Answer: I use anything from 3 inches to 12 inches (75mm – 30cm)  But most often I use a 6 inch by 6 inch or a 150mm by 150mm.  I do like to make big flowers, but most of the time I make what I call “medium” which is the 6X6 or 150X150.  But try taking a A4 piece of paper making it into a perfect square and fold it.  You’re going to  like the results.  I promise!

Question: “Do you glue your flowers?  My lilies/iris seem to open up more than yours around the final folds at the bottom…. And yours look heaps nicer.

Answer: No I do not glue my origami flowers.  I do glue my kirigami flowers, and some of the others that I make.  I make tight folds that keeps my flowers together, but it’s ok to cheat and add some glue.  I find that my hot glue gun is my friend, and in some cases it is necessary to glue a flower to get the look that you’re going for.

Thank you for all of your questions!  I’m more than happy to answer more.  Please send me an email at: and I’ll do my best to answer.  I have more to answer and I’ll get to them as I can.

All the best!