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Long time no talk!

27 Jan

Hello boys and girls!  Sorry for the delay in posts lately.  As you have guessed it, I finally moved to Guam and was in the process of settling into my new digs.  All I have to say is that I love this place more and more everyday.  (It’s a benefit that I’ve lived here before, so I can jump into the groove that much faster.)  As of right now I’ve started on some creative and sustainable living.  This adventure is completely new to me, so I thought I would share my learning of growing an edible garden, harvesting wild chicken eggs and my economically friendly alternative ways of doing things.  Let’s just face it… I’m cheap!  Ok, here we go!


DIY- Inflatable Origami Jack O’ Lanterns

13 Oct



This DIY is super fun for the kiddies!  This is so easy to do.  For the little ones I would recommend folding the pumpkins for them and just letting them go to town decorating.  The older kids just love to fold these guys and blow them up.  I’m going to the munchkin’s class for their Halloween party this year and this is the activity I plan on doing.


Enjoy and Happy Halloween!!


DIY- Popsicle Bracelet

12 Oct

This is a fun DIY project to make bracelets out of popsicle sticks. I’ve seen this tutorial around, but none of them worked for me. So I created a way to make these bracelets my way. Enjoy this tutorial. Happy Crafting!!

DIY- Tiled Wall Decor

11 Oct


DIY Wall Decor

This is the beautiful, cheap and kick ass wall decor that I made for my dinning room.  I know it looks daunting, but it’s really easy.  I was a little ambitious and made 12.  My initial design was 9, but why not go big?  It will take some time and patience though.  Worth it!

The best part about this wall is no nails required, which saves me on time and my security deposit later.  See, my Hubs is in the military, and we rent everywhere we go.  This, at times, poses challenges for us to make our house to feel like a warm inviting home.  Instead of white sterile walls.  I usually just decorate with a few wall hangings and my beautiful furniture.

Well sitting here with my morning cup of Joe, I just couldn’t stand that white wall any more.  So I decided to do something about it.  I looked for things in different stores that I would want to put there with no avail.  I’m NOT spending $100 for three tin etchings, or having to buy frames at $25 each just to frame my favorite photos.  (I do photography see here.)  And well, I’m crafty, hell I do it for my day job, so why in the hell couldn’t I do it in my home too.  Best part?  The whole project cost $23!!  (A little more depending on how much of the materials you have laying around)

So I came up with my brilliant idea, and now I want to share it with you.

Here is what you’re going to need:

  • 12X12 foam backing boards.  I bought these at Jo Anne Fabrics.  I bought two of the biggest foam boards in the framing section ($5.99 each) and had them cut them to size for FREE!
  • 12X12 canvas cardstock scrapbook pages.  I have tons for my work, so I just picked the ones that went with the “bistro” feel that I was going for.  PS you HAVE to use cardstock papers.
  • Black acrylic paint ($1.50)
  • Paint brushes
  • Bottle of 8 oz. Modge Podge paper matte ($6)
  • Sponges 1” and 2.5” ($.99)
  • Rolling pin, small dough roller, pretty much anything that will help you flatten out all the bubbles in the papers
  • 3M double sided mounting tabs.  (4 for each square) ($3)



First off I took all the papers that I wanted to use and scotch taped them to the wall in the pattern that I liked then snapped a quick photo with my phone before I started.  That way you’re not scratching your head and trying to place them as you go. .

Ok, now get your black paint ready.  We need to cover those unsightly white edges.  Unless you like them you can skip this step.

Now you’re going to want to paint all the edges black.  Don’t worry if you get some on the board itself.  No one will see it.  I promise!  I painted three boards at a time to make the process go by much quicker.
Make sure you get all the paint into the foam nooks and crannies.  That foam soaks up the paint, and dries fairly quickly.  Just make sure that you separate your boards so they don’t get stuck together.
After you’re done let them sit to dry for a few minutes before moving on.
Looking good already.  Now onto the Modge Podge!
DO NOT MODGE PODGE YOUR PAPER!  I did this on the first one and it was a disaster.  Put a generous layer of Modge Podge on your board.  I used the big sponge for the whole board, and the smaller one to get the edges and corners.
Once you get your board covered, carefully match up your paper with your board.  To do this I turned my board to look like a diamond and matched the adjacent corners.  Place paper down lightly just in case you have to make any adjustments.  As soon as you have your paper aligned press that bad boy down.  Now take your roller, and roll all over to seal the two together.  Have a wet napkin near by to clean up any of the Modge Podge that seeps out.
Make sure you roll out the front and back.  This is important!  After you’re done lay PAPER side down to dry.  This will make your board flatten out.
After you have them all done and paper side down to dry.  Place something heavy on top as they cure.  Cure time is about 2 hours.  Go have a break you deserve it!
Two hours later….
Have a look at your new wall panels, and arrange them like you had them in the very first photo you took.  Now marvel on how beautiful they’ll look on your wall.
Put a double sided mounting pad in each corner.  Now mount those bad boys!!
To mount I just eyeballed it, but I don’t suggest that.  Use a tape measure and measure it out.  It will save you a headache I promise!  The easiest way is to have a laser level.  The next best thing is to tape a piece of string to the wall going vertical at the one end of there you want to hang your panels and mark it with a pencil.  Do the same with the other end.  Now measure up the wall how high you want your panels and mark that height.  Now tape a string that goes through both of those points.  See now you have a straight line!  Measure and mark where you want you panels, and ta-da.  No hassle.  It took about 10 minutes, and now you can hang your masterpieces.
Now sit back and marvel at how awesome you are!