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Fresh eggs anyone?

27 Jan


Look at these beautiful chicken eggs! These are being laid right outside my back door. But as of right now they’re not safe to eat. See, there is a mix of new and old eggs, so to be safe we will not eat any today. What we will do is discard all but 3-4 eggs and mark those that stay in the nest. This will encourage Eddie, that’s what I named her, to lay more to try to fill her nest. As soon as there is a new egg in the nest we will pluck it out and wash it. I will keep you posted on when the fresh eggs get here. I cannot wait!!


Long time no talk!

27 Jan

Hello boys and girls!  Sorry for the delay in posts lately.  As you have guessed it, I finally moved to Guam and was in the process of settling into my new digs.  All I have to say is that I love this place more and more everyday.  (It’s a benefit that I’ve lived here before, so I can jump into the groove that much faster.)  As of right now I’ve started on some creative and sustainable living.  This adventure is completely new to me, so I thought I would share my learning of growing an edible garden, harvesting wild chicken eggs and my economically friendly alternative ways of doing things.  Let’s just face it… I’m cheap!  Ok, here we go!


Halloween Bento for the Munchkin.

12 Oct