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Made With Love

19 Feb

Made With Love


Super Chunky Puff Stitch Wrap/Scarf

5 Nov


I’ve been one crafty bitch getting ready for the Holidays.  Especially since we’re going to be moving overseas right smack dab in the middle of December.

So here is the big chunky scarf/wrap that I made my friend for Christmas


It’s about 6 feet long! And of course I used my new lens to take the photos. 🙂

The little heart embellishment that I added because it’s made with love.

I will be posting a tutorial/pattern that I made up for this warm and cozy winter awesomeness.

It’s Monday. No Big Whoop!

22 Oct



No fancy bento today. Just a little something to tell the Munchkin how much I love and think about her.