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24 Dec

Christmas morning orange rolls.
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DIY- Autumn Plate Topper/Table Decor

18 Oct

I love this time of year, and I love to decorate.  Especially with red… my favorite color!  I’m always looking for ways to spruce up the joint, so I made my own decorations to welcome in Autumn proper.  These are going to be my plate toppers for Thanksgiving, no doubt.

Let’s make some easy and cool Autumn decor!

You’ll need to start with 8 3inX3in pieces of paper.  You can use as big or as small as you like, as long as it’s square.  I used construction paper in varying colors.

Fold the paper in half length wise then again.

Squash fold flat.  It will look like a triangle.  Do it again to the other side.

Take the edge of the triangle and fold into the middle.  Do this to the other side as well.

Your pieces will look like this when you’re done.

Make seven more and now let’s glue this bad boy together.

Put a dab of glue under the right side flap.

Place the left tab under the right flap.  Do this all the way around the form.

Place the glue under the right side flap on the last piece and carefully insert the left side of the first piece to glue.


Make as many as you want to decorate your table and plates.  I think I’m going to attach some string to them and make them into a garland.

Happy Crafting!

DIY- Inflatable Origami Jack O’ Lanterns

13 Oct



This DIY is super fun for the kiddies!  This is so easy to do.  For the little ones I would recommend folding the pumpkins for them and just letting them go to town decorating.  The older kids just love to fold these guys and blow them up.  I’m going to the munchkin’s class for their Halloween party this year and this is the activity I plan on doing.


Enjoy and Happy Halloween!!

DIY- Paper Pumpkin Wreath

12 Oct

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